Application of the DEA and MIM

Literature on the Efficiency of the Banking Industry Using the DEA Method

Based on the data of 18 big international Banks, Tang Qiming and Wen Fu (2011) [34] used the DEA model to conduct empirical research on the efficiency, risk and technological progress of Chinese commercial Banks. The whole factor productivity decreases because of technological change in Chinese and foreign Banks (cf. Huang et al. 2018, p.8).

Literature on the Dynamic Change of Banking Efficiency by Using the MIM

In terms of the dynamic change of efficiency, Zhu Chao (2006) [38] used the Malmquist Productivity index to study the dynamic efficiency changes of 13 commercial banks in China from 2000 to 2004, and found that the total factor productivity of China’s commercial banking industry has dropped slightly (cf. Huang et al. 2018, p.8 ).


Huang, Yanni ; Luo, Sumei ; Xu, Guohu ; Zhou, Guanyou (2018): Quantitative Analysis and Evaluation of Enterprise. Group Financial Company Efficiency in China. University Shanghai et al.